Rotamate Panel Stand Part No. 92443

Typical Price:

£158.00 exc VAT
£189.60 inc VAT

An all round panel stand for the paint shop. Handles doors, bonnets, grilles and mirrors

Additional Information

  • Rotates 360 degrees for the repair and refinish on both sides
  • Handles all parts including large panels like bonnets and doors
  • Suspends all spoilers, grilles and mirrors
  • Capacity 200lbs (1950mm (L) 1500mm (H) 800mm (D)
  • Adapts to any size of panel
  • 360 Grad schwenkbar für Reparatur und Nacharbeit auf beiden Seiten
  • Handhabung aller Teile einschließlich großer Karosserieteile wie Motorhauben und Türen
  • Aufhängung aller Spoiler, Kühlergrills und Spiegel
  • Tragkraft 90 kg
  • Anpassung an beliebige Größe von Karosserieteilen
  • Rotatif à 360 degrés pour la réparation et la finition sur les 2 cotés du panneau
  • Permet de faire tout types de panneau, en incluant les larges panneaux tels que des portes ou des capots
  • Suspend tout types de panneau, grilles et mirroirs
  • Capacité 90 kg - longueur 1950mm x largeur 1500mm x hauteur 800mm
  • S'adapte à tout type de panneaux.
The new Rotamate Panel Stand from Power-TEC (part number 92443) is a versatile all-rounder that will become the preferred panel stand in your paintshop.

With a variety of mounting arms it can safely hold any body components that require painting from doors, bonnets and wing panels to bumpers, grilles and mirrors. All the arms are fully adjustable to present the component to be painted at a convenient angle and the central shaft rotates through 360º so that all sides can be painted easily.

The weight capacity is 90kg (200lbs), and the frame is 1950mm long, 800mm wide and 1500mm high. Easily adjusted to any size of panel.

Available now from your Power-TEC supplier.

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