Plastic Welding Kit Part No. 92418

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Butane Plastic Welding Kit
Butane Plastic Welding Kit

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Plastic welding kit

Additional Information

  • For welding and repairing plastic parts or components, vehicle bumpers, broken headlight fixings, cracks, fractures and deep scratches
  • Cordless
  • With piezo ignition
  • Kit includes gas soldering iron, 9mm/12mm welding tips, screwdriver, cleaning rod, wire brush, 3 x steel mesh 10cm x 6cm, 6 x PP welding rods, 6 x PS welding rods, 6 x PE welding rods, 6 x ABS welding rods
  • Ideal for repairing most plastic parts
  • Zum Schweißen von Rissen in Kunststoffteilen in Stoßstangen usw.
  • Schnurlos
  • Mit Piezozündung
  • Kit umfasst Gaslötkolben, Schweißspitzen 6 mm/12 mm, Schraubendreher, Reinigungsstab, Stahlgitter 10 cm x 6 cm 3x, PP-Schweißstäbe 3x, P2-Schweißstäbe 6x, PC-Schweißstäbe 6x, ABS-Schweißstäbe 6x
  • Ideal für die Reparatur der meisten Kunststoffteile
  • Ce kit permet une réparation professionnelle des composants plastiques tels que les pare chocs, les optiques, les fractures et coupures dans le plastique
  • outil sans fil
  • La torche dispose d'un allumage Piezo
  • Le kit inclut : - Le fer à souder au gaz (butane- non fourni), - Des tiges de soudures de 9mm /12mm, - un tournevis, - Une tige de nettoyage, Une brosse à poils durs, 3 treillis de renfort de 10cm x 6cm.
  • Le kit vient avec les tiges de plastiques - 6 de chaque qui peuvent être recommandées sous ces ref: 92420: 6 tiges plastiques pour ABS, - Ref 92421: 6 tiges plastiques pour PS, - 92422: 6 tiges plastiques pour PE, - 92423: 6 tiges plastiques pour PP
Due to the high costs associated with the replacement of plastic panels (bumpers, inner wings, headlamp bodies, engine covers, motorcycle bodywork, etc), this new kit from Power-TEC (part no 92418) was developed to repair small to medium sized damage that could render the component unusable. Suitable for the general garage and workshop when a quick and robust repair is necessary, without the expense of professional plastic welding kit.

The butane gas powered welder is small and convenient — thin plastic parts can be welded due to applied heat being contained in a small area. Advantage over similar devices that gas exhausts forward in the direction of welding therefore speeding up material warm-up.

Kit is supplied with two sizes of welding head, stainless steel reinforcing mesh and plastic welding filler rods suitable for ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene) and PS (polystyrene) plastics, plus cleaning utensils (wire brush and cleaning rod).

A very useful kit that is easy to use and designed to save time. Terrific value and available now from your Power-TEC supplier.

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