Windscreen Repair Kit Part No. 92391

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Power-TEC Windscreen Repair
Power-TEC Windscreen Repair

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Windscreen repair kit supplied in storage case.

Additional Information

  • Includes: 1 x applicator base, 4 pressure injectors 8/10/12/14mm, 2 x funnels, 1 x 15gram repair resin, 10 x sleeved razor blades
  • Also includes: 100 curing film, 1 x vacuum pad and 1 x clip
  • Packed in a blow case with an EVA foam tray
  • UV Torch for Resin curing plus battery powered carbide-tipped deburr drill. Batteries included
  • Repair resin also available seperately - Part Number 92402 See precautionary notes on bottle
  • Auch im Lieferumfang enthalten: 100 Aushärtfilm, 1 x Stech- und Schneidelement mit 3 Diamantspitzen und drei Batterien, 1 x UV-Lampe, 1 x Vakuumkissen und 1 Klipp
  • Verpackt in einem Aufbewahrungsetui mit ausgeformtem EVA-Schaum
  • Laser UV-Lampe optionales Extra - Teilenummer 5417
  • Das Reparaturharz ist auch einzeln erhältlich - Teilenummer
  • Applikator, Druckinjektoren, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, Trichter, Reparaturharz, Rasierklingen, Aushärtfilm, Stech- und Schneidelement, Diamantspitzen, Vakuumkissen, Klipp
A new addition to the Power-TEC range is this comprehensive kit (part no: 92391) for repairing laminated windscreen chips and cracks. Windscreen repair is the process of injecting a liquid resin into the damaged area of a laminated windscreen and allowing it to cure. When a laminated windscreen is chipped or cracked, in general only the outer layer of glass is damaged and this is the layer that will be repaired.

When correctly performed, windscreen repair can:

• Reduce the visibility of the original damage.

• Improve the optical clarity in the damaged area.

• Restore the strength of the glass, thereby preventing further spread of the damage.

• Restore a smooth surface to the damaged area thus assisting the action of the windscreen wipers.

The Power-TEC kit includes everything necessary for quick and easy repairs including a battery powered carbide-tipped burr drill plus a UV torch for accelerated resin curing. An ideal extra profit opportunity for the vehicle workshop.

See the video on the Tool Connection’s YouTube channel:

Further details at or call 01926 815000.

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