PDR Training Bar & 10 Surface Traces Part No. 92369

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£113.10 exc VAT
£135.72 inc VAT

This stainless steel bar with its 10 ball bearings make for a ideal inexpensive lead in to Paintless Dent Removal.

Additional Information

  • 80cm training bar with 15mm magnetic rollertip.
  • Ideal for paintless dent removal training, bodyshops and smart repairers.
  • Good for the beginner as the ball traces show exactly where the tip is located behind the panel.
  • Spares: 15mm magnetic rollertip - Part No 91761.
  • 80 cm lange Übungsstange mit 15 mm Magnetkugelaufsatz
  • Wird mit 10 Zugadaptern (ballig) geliefert
  • Perfekt für das Üben der lackschadenfreien Ausbeultechnik
  • Zeitsparer
  • Ideal für Autolackierereien und clevere Service-Werkstätten
  • Tringle de débosselage de 80mm de long avec un roller magnétique (ref 91761)
  • Fourni avec 9 billes permettant de localiser précisément la surface devant être travaillée (disponible sous ref 91764)
  • Idéal pour du débosselage sans peinture.
  • Parfait car la bille vous permet de voir exactement où vous exercez une pression
  • Idéal pour les carrossiers et débutants
These two new products from Power-TEC include everything that is required for basic PDR (Paintless Dent Removal). The PDR Training Bar (part no. 92369) includes the innovative Magnetic Roller Tip system to assist in placing the tip of the selected tool in exactly the right spot. The PDR Reflector Board (part no. 92268) is the essential visual aid to highlight the dent during repair, and features thin, close lines ideal for small, sharp dents. These two products are ideal for the technician new to PDR and will improve their eye-hand co-ordination skills and speed up the learning process.

When learning PDR, one of the most difficult aspects is the placing of the tip of the tool exactly behind a very small dent. This can take lots of practise to get right. The Power-TEC Magnetic Roller Tip system assists by giving an instant visual aid to the position of the tip of the tool behind the panel. Once the training bar is in position ready to commence repair, place a surface trace ball on the dented area, it will be held in place by the 15mm MRT behind. The surface trace ball follows the movements of the MRT behind the panel showing the operator exactly where the tip of the tool is. The 92369 Training Bar is supplied with ten surface trace balls.

If you are thinking of learning PDR these two products are excellent value to help you develop your skills and are available now from your Power-TEC supplier.

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