Fitting new parking sensors? Fit them correctly to manufacturer’s specification, with these new kits.

During accident repair when fitting new front or rear bumpers, unless parking sensors are standard across the range, invariably new PDC (Park Distance Control) holes will have to be cut and the new PDC sensors fitted according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Power-TEC have recently introduced two kits which will enable the repairer to quickly and professionally cut the correctly-sized holes in the plastic bumper panels and clamp the new parking sensors in place. Both kits include hole punches, centring drifts for lining up the PDC brackets, a 10.2mm HSS pilot hole drill bit and assembly clamps (used to hold the PDC brackets in position for hot stapling or plastic welding, or while adhesive is curing).

Once the pilot hole is drilled, the hole punch is easily assembled and then turned with a 17mm spanner or socket to quickly punch through the plastic material of the bumper panel. The resultant hole is sharp and accurate and does not damage the surrounding paintwork.

Parking Sensor Kit 92468 is suitable for VAG vehicles and features both 18.2mm and 26mm hole punches, a 17.8mm centring drift, an 18.2mm centring drift, plus four assembly clamps.

The larger Parking Sensor Kit 92471 is more comprehensive and includes three hole punches (18.2mm, 18.4mm and 26mm); a 17.8mm centring drift, an 18.2mm centring drift; plus three sets of four assembly clamps (18.0mm, 18.2mm and 18.4mm), colour-anodised for easy size identification.

Another indispensable tool for the professional bodyshop and available now from your Power-TEC supplier.

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Parking Sensor Kit
Parking Sensor Kit
Posted on Friday 18 November 2016
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