Bringing 21st century technology to paintless dent repair

Attempting a PDR repair but you just cannot get access with your rods? Reach for the new Hot Spot 2 from Power-TEC (part number 92481). It is an induction dent removal unit that is ideal for removing small, soft dents and reducing larger or sharper dents, especially when access from behind is difficult. Ideal for hail damage, the Power-TEC Hot Spot 2 bring 21st century technology to paintless dent removal.

Through induction, heat is applied in short pulses, and shrinks the metal as it cools. For a sharp dent, start from the side and move into the centre. Don’t push down; let the Hot Spot do the work. For small, very soft dents, just heat the centre and watch the dent disappear before your very eyes.

The Hot Spot 2 has a full 1kw power rating and this is fully adjustable on the front panel. Plugs in to a standard 240v power supply. For workshop safety it is IP23 rated. RoHS compliant and CE certificated.

Another indispensable tool for the professional bodyshop and PDR repairer and available now from your Power-TEC supplier.

Product Video

Hot Spot II
Hot Spot II
Posted on Tuesday 29 November 2016
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