92559 Pneumatic Detail Polishing Tool Kit

Consumable Item Advisable to wear safety glasses Advisable to wear safety gloves Spares Wear a safety mask Product Video available

A 29 piece, lightweight pneumatic detail polishing kit, for buffing & polishing intricate areas on any vehicle to achieve a rich, swirl free, high gloss finish.

  • Includes: flexible shaft, airline adaptor, lubricating oil bottle, 2 x wrenches; attachments: 2 x backing pads, 2 x felt mounted bullet type pads, 2 x wool polishing pads, 2 x buffing mop pads, 2 x lambswool polishing pads, 3 x tapered polishing pads, 3 x cylinder polishing pads, 8 x polish foam pads.
  • Flexible shaft length: 134cm; simple twist on/off as well as regulating air flow & rpm speed.
  • Fits standard 1/4” air hoses; max pressure: 90psi.
  • Max no load speed: 70000rpm; max polish accessory speed: 15000rpm.
  • All consumable contents available separately. Always wear safety goggles.
TSP: £103.60 ex VAT £124.32 inc VAT

Ein 29-teiliges, leichtes Druckluft-Feinpolierset zum Hochglanz- und Feinpolieren schwer zugänglicher Flächen an jedem Fahrzeug für eine intensiv glänzende Oberfläche ohne Schleifspuren.

  • Inhalt: biegsame Welle, Schmieröl, 2 Schraubenschlüssel Aufsätze: 2 Stützteller, 2 Filz-Polierstifte in Rundbogenform, 2 Woll-Polieraufsätze, 2 Poliermopp-Aufsätze, 2 Poliermopps, 3 Kegel-Polieraufsätze, 3 Zylinder-Polieraufsätze, 8 Polierschwamm-Aufsätze aus Schaumstoff
  • Länge der biegsamen Welle: 134 cm, einfach auf-/abdrehbar sowie mit Regulierung der Luftströmung und Drehzahl
  • Für standardmäßige 1/4"-Druckluftschläuche, max. Druck: 90 psi
  • Max. Leerlaufdrehzahl: 70.000 min-1, max. Polierzubehör-Drehzahl: 15.000 min-1
  • Alle Verbrauchsmaterialienauch einzeln erhältlich. Immer eine Schutzbrille tragen.
TSP: £103.60 ex VAT £124.32 inc VAT

Kit pneumatique léger de 29 pièces pour le polissage de précision des surfaces complexes de véhicules de tous types, pour une finition brillante, uniforme et exempte de marques circulaires.

  • Contenu : arbre flexible, lubrifiant, 2 clés. Accessoires : 2 tampons de support, 2 tampons en pointe garnis de feutre, 2 tampons de polissage en laine, 2 patins de lustrage, 2 tampons de lustrage, 3 tampons de polissage coniques, 3 tampons de polissage cylindriques, 8 tampons de polissage en mousse
  • Longueur de l'arbre flexible : 134 cm ; simple rotation pour la marche et l'arrêt, la régulation du flux et le régime
  • Montage sur flexibles pneumatiques standard de 1/4 po (6,35 mm) ; pression maximale : 90 psi
  • Régime maximal hors charge : 70 000 tr/min ; régime maximal de polissage avec accessoire : 15 000 tr/min
  • Tous les consommables sont disponibles séparément. Toujours porter des lunettes de protection lors de l'utilisation de cet outil
TSP: £103.60 ex VAT £124.32 inc VAT

Set met pneumatisch polijstgereedschap, 29 stuks, voor het polijsten van complexe gebieden op voertuigen om een rijke, wervelvrije, hoogglanzende afwerking te bekomen.

  • Inclusief: flexibele schacht, vliegtuigadapter, fles smeerolie, 2 x moersleutels; hulpstukken: 2 x steunpads, 2 x gemonteerde kogelvormige pads, 2 x polijstpads, 2 x boenpads, 2 x polijstpads uit lamswol, 3 x conische polijstpads, 3 x cilindervormige polijstpads, 8 x schuimpads.
  • Flexibele schachtlengte: 134 cm; eenvoudige draai aan/uit, maar ook reguleren van luchtstroom en RPM snelheid.
  • Geschikt voor standaard 1/4” luchtslangen; max. druk: 90 psi.
  • Max. snelheid zonder belading: 70000 omw/min.; max. snelheid van polijstgereedschap: 15000 omw/min.
  • De inhoud van alle verbruiksartikelen is afzonderlijk verkrijgbaar. Draag altijd een veiligheidsbril.
TSP: £103.60 ex VAT £124.32 inc VAT
Consumable Item Advisable to wear safety glasses Advisable to wear safety gloves Spares Wear a safety mask Product Video available
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Press Release
Detailing or paint rectification — this ultra-compact air powered detail polisher will polish and finish areas previously inaccessible

When repairing or detailing vehicle paintwork, there are many difficult to access areas that still need to be machine-polished, and there’s no way that you will get a full-sized polishing mop into all these nooks and crannies. This new air-powered detail polisher from Power-TEC (part number 92559) is ultra-compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to use in confined areas. Ideal for all spot repair and touch-up work. Polish and finish areas that have previously been inaccessible: under door handles, the back of the door mirror, and areas adjacent to body fittings such as grilles, badges, etc. The polisher is super-slim and the backing and polishing pads are just 25-30mm in diameter.

This is a comprehensive kit that includes different grades, shapes and sizes of sponge polishing pads, wool polishing pads, and felt buffing mops. The pads feature hook and loop for quick change between different pads. Four grades of foam pads are provided — from cutting to final finishing — as well as felt mops and lambswool pads. Also included are a pair of detail felt point mops, just 11.5mm in diameter. Powered from the workshop compressed air supply, the tool features an easy to operate speed control and delivers low noise and low vibration for safety and comfort in use. Useful 130cm flexible air line keeps the heavy workshop air line away from the job. All supplied in a practical zipped case that keeps the detail polisher and the selection of pads and mops safe and secure.

Reach for the kit whenever you need to polish and finish areas that have previously been inaccessible. Spare pads and mops are available. The air-powered detail polisher is available now from your Power-TEC supplier.

Spares/Consumable Spares
We have the following spare parts/accessories available for this product.
Description Spare Item No.
Polishing Sponge Wheels (Blue, Fine) 2pc 92560
Polishing Sponge Wheels (Red, Extra Fine) 2pc 92561
Polishing Sponge Wheels (Yellow, Medium) 2pc 92562
Backing Pad Set 2pc 92563
Felt Mounted Point Set 2pc 92564
Wool Polishing Pad Set 2pc 92565
Buffing Mop Pad Set 2pc 92566
Buffing Lambswool Pad Set 2pc 92567
Polish Foam Pad Set 8pc 92568

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